Team vision

Here’s the deal – we believe everyone deserves a slice of nature, especially you, city dwellers.
City life is all about the hustle in tiny apartments, grabbing coffee on the run, and staying hyper-connected in the digital world. But somewhere along the line, our bond with nature kinda got lost in the WiFi signals, right?

That's exactly why we're here - to bring back that green vibe into your fast-paced life. Think of it as a fusion of Tech Convenience and Mother Nature, right in your living room. We're talking about smart home devices that aren't just smart. They are interactive. Fun, even for those brown, techie thumbs out there. And, most of all, community based. 

Because gardening is just about that.🌿 Connection with Nature. With ourselves. And with others. 

Meet the founders

We’re a squad of passionate folks – hardware and software geeks, environmental engineers, and, yup, hardcore plant lovers. Our mission? To rekindle that spark with nature, but in a 21st-century way. 

We understand that traditional urban gardening and tools might works for some folks, but not for everyone. And we respect that. So, whether you're already a part of our community or not, we're here to assist you in adding more greenery to your life. 🌱🌿

Anja Varnicic CEO

Anja Varničić

CEO and Founder

A biologist in heart, experienced marketer and business developer in soul.

Aleksandar varnicic CTO

Aleksandar Varničić

CTO and Founder

Senior full-stack developer and serial entrepreneur.

Predrag Gajic hardware architect

Predrag Gajić

CHO and Founder

Senior hardware and software developer.

Milan Trajkovic product developer

Milan Trajković

Product designer and Founder

Landscape architect and skilled project manager

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